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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mari Bowmen

Here are couple of photos of my latest Impetus style unit .  These represent Bowmen of Mari form time of Hammurabi of Babylon.
Castaway Arts have done great job on these straight out of WRG Armies of Near East.  I have had these for years and Impetus basing has allowed me to create a unit form 9 figures I had.  Bags of character and I am sure can serve in most armies of the Near East at this time.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Above are images of the 28mm Mitanni chariot from late sculpter who produced the wonderful 15mm Chariot Miniatures ranges.  It is available from Magister Militum in a very small range Mitanni range. It is a big model and it sits impressive on the tabletop.  Horses are possibly best chariot horses in my collection. I used Army Painter ink on this with very limited highlights afterwards.
The Mitanni chariot warriors all seemed to have been very heavily armoured and well equipped. Cannanites and Syrians looked similar(elite units) but probably not all were so completely armoured to the extent of the Mitanni.

Mitanni Chariot from Magister Militum 28mm

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Lullubi Warriors

"Muster all our spear and bravest warriors for the barbarians have swept down from the mountians.  They have served us as allies against they have gathered all their lands to destroy us all"

Here we have some Lullubi warriors form Sumerian/Akkadian times.  Would do fine in Hammurabic Babylon also.  They have had mixed hair styles but I prefer to keep them all scalp lock styles together as seen on reliefs in time of Sargon of Akkad.  I will create a new Gutian warband also to different mountain tribes and just for look.

These figures are Newline Designs and 2 Eureka.  My favourites are the 2 Castaway Arts converions(my first ever actually).  They have the
 short kilts .  They were a Philsitine and Babylonian origionally.  Heads from Hasslefree with added beards and scalplock.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Nubian Bowmen Units

Here are some lovely Nubian Bowmen from the world class Perry Foundry range. Detail is just wonderful along with variety and poses. The Fan Bearer is from Dark Fable Miniatures.  Although much bigger I feel he fits in as large bodyguard type allowing more character to the unit.
These 2 bases can be 2 Impetus or count as 24 man unit for other systems. Using only 18 figures saves painting, and cash without sacrificing look.
These can be used as units in Egyptian armies also and have less Egyptianised Kushite look.

Friday, 1 August 2014

NKE and Libyan war

NKE and Libyan war

Ancient Egypt comes under attack form angry tribes of Libyans looking settle in the more fertile lands of the Nile as their own land become more arid.
Here a unit of archers foolishly allows themselves to cut off from the main force.  The commander screams at the men to loosen off arrows like rain.  The trumpet man desperately signals for help. As the Libyans close in for close combat death on will be their only fate.